Heather Rioux

Refreshingly genuine...

...and your professional secret keeper.

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Refreshingly genuine...

...and your professional secret keeper.


Hello! Of all the beautiful women gracing their respective corners of the world, you have chosen to visit mine, and I am delighted to meet you.

I imagine you are an erudite and successful gentleman, selective of the spaces you occupy and company you keep. While you are generally content, your success often accompanies stressful deadlines, exasperating personality clashes, and so, so little time for pleasure. Something seems curiously amiss.

Like you, I am well-educated, well-traveled, and enjoy a successful career. Perhaps you’ve glimpsed me trotting on a horse down a country road. Maybe you were a voyeur as as I trained in various dance studios at your gym. Quite possibly, you’ve watched me study mystery titles at your local library over a cup of hot tea. Still, a glance between us suggested the yearning for something more meaningful.

So, here we meet—mutual desires for a more adventurous, electrifying feeling collide.

Whatever brought you here—whether you need a few hours with a trusted confidante, or an entire weekend away with her—I know you will find me a compassionate, respectful, and attentive companion. I am an active listener, problem solver, well-mannered, and gracious. I love to laugh and joke (who doesn't?) and am seriously down to earth. I hope you will find my presence as calming as a still pond on a warm summer evening. Indeed, sharing in others’ joy (or at least trying to help them find it) is my favorite thing to do!

Let me share in yours.



Please note: 
For new patrons OVER 35, reservations with me are confirmed with a $100 nonrefundable deposit.
If you are UNDER 35, I will require a 100% nonrefundable deposit.

Please see my Etiquette page for details.

One Hour: $600* incall/$650* outcall

One and a Half Hours: $900* incall/$950 outcall

Two Hours: $1100* incall/$1150 outcall

Four Hours: $1800* incall/$1850 outcall (requires 2 hours in a public setting)

*Established clients: please refer to your original rates. Thank you for being a friend!

Voice calls: $200 for 30 minutes. Please let me know a time that works for you, and expect a call from a Restricted number.

Emails: $200 for one week of steamy tête à tête conversation (1-2 messages per day). Tell me all your fantasies, and I'll tell you mine!

Fly Me To You: $3000 (includes four hours, covers travel expenses, contiguous US only - international cities, please inquire)

Cancellations: I understand that life is full of unexpected adventures. That said, as in any other business, your appointment time is cleared and set aside solely for you, so please let me know as soon as possible if your plans change. For new friends, cancellations made with less than 24 hours remaining prior to our scheduled meeting time will forfeit their reservation fees.
 cancellations will require 100% nonrefundable deposits for future appointments. Thank you for respecting my efforts to host and entertain you properly!


Screening is absolutely mandatory for all new friends. Please note that I ask for real world information. In a perfect world, there would be no need—alas, the world is not perfect. If you do not feel comfortable screening with personal details, I will not meet you.

Once screening is complete, reservations with me are confirmed with a $100 nonrefundable deposit. Unfortunately, it's become a necessary extra task due to an influx of admirers who are not serious. Due to frequent unreliability, those under the age of 35 will require a nonrefundable 100% deposit for any appointments. 

Giving this sum is not only a sign of good faith and intention, but will also help me to secure the appropriate lodgings for our rendezvous. Should you need to reschedule, you may pick another date; if you cancel that visit as well, the deposit is forfeit. Naturally, after we both prove ourselves reliable, deposits will no longer be necessary.

And, while I appreciate your generosity, I’d rather focus on you, right from the beginning of our time together. Please leave the remainder of your gratuity visible upon your arrival, and do not refer to it. If we are meeting in public first, you may leave it in a greeting card, or perhaps a book you’d like to share with me (I love whodunnits). 

My skin is extremely sensitive. Kindly refrain from excessive fragrance, and do come clean and well-manicured. If you are visiting right after (or before) work, the shower will be made ready for you at your request.

My health, safety, and career are of the utmost importance to me. Therefore, I do not partake in the use of illicit drugs, nor do I drink excessive alcohol. If, upon meeting, I discover that you do, I will regretfully, but immediately end our date.

If we are to gallivant in public, do let me know how to dress—I want to make sure we look great together!

Any other etiquette related questions can be answered by the Golden Rule, should you need further guidance.


Is that really you?

Yes, I promise, I am a real live girl—the one in the photos, even!

I am really concerned about COVID-19. What are you doing to be safe?

I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

Are you discreet?

Naturally! The thought of embarrassing a friend—or myself!—makes me mildly nauseous. Rest assured that we will blend in like chameleons wherever we meet. All information received and any discussions had will be held in the strictest confidence. I appreciate you doing the same in return for me!

Are you newbie friendly?

Definitely! Still, you must screen and provide a deposit prior to any engagements. Inquire for details.

How about kinks?
Oooh, I love this question. I am friendly to this lifestyle, and am knowledgeable about SSC practices. I am on the dominant end of the spectrum and am willing to discuss further as our relationship grows both in time and trust.

I have certain garment requests—would you oblige?

Of course, if I have it in my wardrobe, I’d love to play dress up! Just ask. Alternatively, feel free to bring the item(s) you’d like me to wear. You can find my measurements on my Gallery page.

I'm a little nervous. Do you have reviews confirming that you're real?

I do. If they will make you more comfortable, please ask me where to find them. However, if you are going to review me (which is honestly no longer my preference), I request that you ask me first so I can tell you where to do so, and to please refrain from using any explicit or identifiable details, so as to protect us both. Thank you!

I'm afraid to give you my personal information or deposit without first meeting. Is there any way around this?

Simply put: absolutely not. I have an iron clad reputation of reliability, professionalism, and discretion for more than five years. Please keep in mind that I would not damage my reputation. That being said, I will not see anyone unwilling to prove themselves as perfectly respectful individuals. Remember that the floating world is vast and fleeting--you are free to seek entertainment elsewhere!

I've tried contacting you several times now. Why aren't you replying?

For one, make sure you're checking your spam folder. Yahoo and Gmail in particular have started to filter messages from my ProtonMail account to spam! Additionally, though I usually respond within minutes, please give me several hours to reply; I do have a life! If you find that neither of these answers fit your situation, perhaps reflect upon your approach; it may be that I no longer see us as a good match, and don't wish to insult your ego with a rebuttal.

Can I text you, or do you have a number?
This is actually really important: NO! I find that texting attracts low effort. I do not text, and simply never will. If you see a phone number attached to a website that claims to be me, it's a SCAM. I *only* advertise on Tryst, and (very) occasionally TNABoard. I also have no other email addresses than the one listed on this site.

Are you available right now?

If we have never met, that is unlikely. Due to my schedule, and need to screen you first, it is recommended to contact me at a minimum of 12-24 hours prior to your preferred meeting time. However, old friends are

What about overnights?

This option is only for the best of friends.

Do you travel?

I love to, and I am passport ready for the truly adventurous! Once again, travel engagements are only available to well established patrons and will require a deposit to cover travel expenses.

Will you see couples?

Absolutely! I do recommend at least a two hour time frame for such events. Additionally, I will need to speak to both you and your partner (separately) to confirm mutual consent, and screen both parties.

I'm disabled. Would you see me?

I see all considerate and respectful people, regardless of age, disability, color, nationality, or gender. Think of me as an EEO!

Can you provide references to other companions?

Certainly! If we have met, I'm happy to vouch for you. Additionally, any companions needing reference requests may message me directly at anytime.

Do you accept Bitcoin?

I used to, but the company I used went out of style. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I'd like to do an extended date with you, but have no idea what you like! Can you give me some ideas?

With pleasure! Some of my favorite activities include mini golf, museum dates, a ballet or any other dance performance, live music shows, comedy clubs, wine tastings, fancy dinners, Comic Con (I might even dress up!), watching a movie with you at home and ordering takeout. Of course, if you have any ideas of your own, you're welcome to surprise me, too! I love new experiences!

Do you expect gifts or tips?

No! Gifts and tips are never expected. However, if you’re the type of gentleman that likes to surprise his lady friends on special occasions, here are some ideas:

Fine wines

Sunset roses

Amazon gift cards

Hotels.com gift cards
Delta gift cards
United gift cards
Alaska Air gift cards


Hi there! My schedule is now updated through the end of 2023.
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Thank you for your interest, and here's to new friends! For all initial contact, please send an introductory message to the email below, or through my contact form.

Email: heatherrioux@protonmail.com

To expedite the process, please do not forget to include your full name, contact details, appointment preferences, and also at least 2 companion references (if you have them).

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